Ocularis, OnSSI's flagship IP video surveillance and security platform, is a comprehensive video management system that combines powerful network video recorders (NVRs) with physical security information management (PSIM) functionality.

Ocularis represents the latest evolution in IP video surveillance and security. As an integrated video and event management platform, it includes a full-fledged video management system (VMS) for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites.
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Ocularis' straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events, for efficient shared handling and building a video-evidence case file

Ocularis is offered in four feature sets to meet the video surveillance needs of organizations of all sizes and structures:

  • Ocularis PS: A scalable video management system (VMS) for single or multisite installations.
  • Ocularis IS: Active monitoring, alert management and integration with access control, video analytics, and other 3rd party systems.
  • Ocularis CS: Adds capabilities for large organizations including Video Wall and Opensight.
  • Ocularis ES: Adds robust, centralized recorder management capabilities, and adds IT-centric enhancements.

From single location retail outlets or schools to multiple-site, complex municipal and campus installations, you'll find an Ocularis feature set that meets your video surveillance needs.