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SmartWatch ... founded in 2000, is a leading security, fire alarm & sound integrator serving Orlando and the entire Central Florida area as well as specialty projects in the US.  It is well established that the design, support and technical team of SmartWatch are one of the absolute best in the industry.  Every system is custom configured and built to address specific needs by incorporating a variety of quality components, features & design aspects.

Performance and Dependability remain as the fundamental criteria upon which a company is judged.  When the issue is the safety of lives and the protection of property, this is especially true.  In these areas, you will find SmartWatch unequaled.  Our goal is to set the standard for performance and reliability in the market places we serve.  Our reputation and relentless pursuit to exceed client expectations, has contributed to the success and growth of the SmartWatch team.

SmartWatch has achieved a leadership position in the industry by continually introducing new products and setting quality standards.  Our employees are dedicated security & life safety professionals. committed to providing you with the very best.  Our team is made up of such professionals and we continue to grow to support our clients.

Technology is our ally as we gain efficiencies in an ever changing environment.  Our mission is to provide products that are on the leading edge of quality and technology ... and deliver services at a level meeting our client's expectations while surpassing industry standards.  These services result in solutions that minimize the risk and exposure to loss, liability, and labor costs.  Changing needs are opportunities for creative solutions by our team of experienced professional consultants.  We are constantly updating and refining the latest in technological advances to provide the most superior products and services available. 
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Your call is our Mission.  SmartWatch strives to lead our clients to solutions on the leading edge of technology while performing at levels surpassing all standards.