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Customized Maintenance Programs

Flexible Levels of Support Services:

  • Tailored and designed for you, not us.
  • Scheduled periodic preventative maintenance, cleaning, balancing & adjustments as needed
  • Bundled programs for multiple systems
  • Code required testing
  • Web based reporting and archiving
  • Coverage required for service & repairs
  • Temporary loaner equipment
  • Priority response scheduling
Maintenance Programs

"Life Safety & Security systems exist for many purposes  --- 
sometimes when they have a problem it is an inconvenience,
at other times it is critical"

Ensuring appropriate service and maintenance for your life safety and security systems is as important as your decision to provide them in the first place.

There are few (if any) products that can just be installed and never receive any further attention.  To remain effective and reliable, your electronic life safety and security systems must receive proper service and maintenance. 

As well as making sure premises, property and lives remain protected, consistent & effective maintenance protects the investment you made in your equipment.

SmartWatch employs a full Service Department providing certified, factory trained technicians for a variety of security, sound and fire alarm systems.

Peace of Mind  ~ You depend on your security system to provide safe and secure premises for your staff and visitors so it makes sense that it is kept in optimum condition. A comprehensive maintenance program helps insure system reliability.

  • Compliance  ~  Current industry standards, NFPA & local alarm ordinances have many required codes and requirements. 
  • Stay Covered  ~  In addition to applicable laws & standards, many insurance companies require that life safety and protective systems be kept in optimum condition. Failure to do so could result in an invalid claim.
  • Stay Within Budget  ~  A full coverage agreement insures that all adjustments and repairs are fully provided at a set cost each year, preventing budget over-runs and any unexpected expenses.
  • Save Money  ~  Avoid costly downtime and non-contracted hourly repair rates, plus, regular maintenance will help maximize the life of your systems resulting in fewer and less frequent repairs and replacements.