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Fiber SenSys manufactures reliable, high-performance fiber-optic intrusion detection solutions for a wide variety of markets: government and military installations, airports, oil refineries, electrical substations, nuclear power plants, water purification and storage, corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities, palaces and residential facilities are only a few common examples. These solutions have undergone rigorous testing by Sandia National Laboratories and the US Air Force. As a result, these products have been approved for use in programs such as BISS, TASS, IBDSS, Protected Distribution Systems, and the Nuclear Active Seals program. Like CompuDyne's other divisions, Fiber SenSys is the world leader in its market, with our fiber optic intrusion detection systems deployed at hundreds of sites around the globe. Electromagnetic and radio interference, traffic, lightning, and other common sources of nuisance alarms do not affect these systems. Installation is straightforward, using only simple hand tools, and the sensor systems require almost no maintenance. These products are economical, reliable, and effective. In addition to keeping intruders out, Fiber SenSys intrusion detection systems can be used to protect one of the most important resources - information. The SecurLAN system protects data flowing between computers through conduits and cabling, stopping potential security breaches that many IT managers may not be aware of.

  Partial List of Applications

The most common applications for copper or fiber fence detectors are for perimeter protection around a sensitive building or site or for area protection.  The following list is a selection of successful applications where fence detectors are in use as a detection device, usually in conjunction with at least CCTV verification. High-risk objects are normally protected by a combination of these and other detectors of different technologies or other auxiliary systems such as a video motion detection (VMD) systems.
  •    Military Installations
  •     Oil Refineries and Storage
  •     Museums
  •     Pipelines
  •     Ports and Harbors
  •     Prisons
  •     Public Transport Depots
Fence Detection
  •     Hospitals
  •     Historic Buildings & Sites
  •     Industrial Premises
  •     Water Plants
  •     R & D Facilities
  •     Telecommunications
  •     Warehouses
  •     Airports
  •     Banks
  •     Borders
  •     Business Centers
  •     Power Plants
  •     Factories
  •     Government Buildings