Security Intrusion Detection Systems

Our commercial security systems are used by many types of businesses and facilities.  Clients include hospitals, nursing facilities, medical institutions, pharmaceuticals, K-12 schools, universities, theme parks, military installations, business offices and manufacturing facilities.  We have designed, implemented and maintain security card access systems, wireless security systems, video surveillance systems, and more. 

SmartWatch not only provides security for businesses in Orlando and Central Florida, but we also provide security systems for buildings across the state.  See our Project Portfolio to learn more about commercial security systems for our customers.  SmartWatch provides a comprehensive line of security products for commercial applications.

Our security professionals can easily install hardwire, wireless and hybrid panels in new construction or retrofit applications. The product range includes security panels, security/fire panels, fire-only panels, and life safety systems that can provide help to individuals in emergency situations. Proven in millions of commercial applications throughout the world.  Typical application control panels from  UTC, DSC and Bosch are well recognized for high quality and reliable performance. Whether the application is a single story facility, a school or multi-story government building, we have the right system for the job.
Glassbreak and Vibration Sensors

provide reliable detection and false-alarm immunity. With our glassbreak sensors there is no need to compromise because our products blend application expertise, advanced detection technology, attractive design and false-alarm reduction features.

  • Advanced Acoustic Glassbreak - next-generation ShatterPro3, with the industry's smallest recessed glassbreak sensor.
  • Acoustic/Motion - For 24-hour glassbreak applications - a combination of ShatterPro technology and motion  analysis.
  • Shock/On-the-Glass - Featuring the World's #1 self-powered piezo shock sensor, designed to save installation time.
  • Vibration Sensors - Designed for vaults, safes and ATMs - helping to prevent intrusion via hammers, drills & explosives.

Motion Sensors

Ongoing r&d has created extraordinary solutions for the toughest applications. Today's motion sensors blend flexibility, advanced detection technology, aesthetic design and false alarm reduction features. The result is performance and reliability. Clients benefit from fewer service calls, reduced false alarms and a more secure environment.

Magnetic Contacts

Magnetic Contacts come in many varieties, and not all magnetic contacts are not created equal.  SmartWatch relies on the Sentrol manufactured series of innovative designs, helping assure complete reliability even in the most difficult environments.

  • Recessed - An expansive line that includes the industry's first wide-gap contact and incorporates our pioneering reed switch technology for superior reliability in difficult applications.

  • Roller Plunger - Versatile and reliable models ideal for residential applications. Surface Mount - Low profile designs and easy, convenient installation with these models for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Overhead Door - Protect just about any overhead door with these cleverly-designed models, including the industry's only "snap-n-go" contacts.

  • Commercial/High Security -  Featuring our exclusive triple-biased contacts that make the defeat of a switch with an external magnet virtually impossible.

  • Special Purpose - Specialty products including pull-apart cords, bill trap and panic switch.