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Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors

  • Passive infrared is detecting the slightest changes of thermal radiation emitted by any object or body having a surface temperature above the absolute zero    (-273°C). The intensity of the radiation depends on the surface temperature, the size and structure of a target but not its color or lighting conditions.
  • Computer designed optical systems provide excellent uniformity in coverage over the full range of up to 100m (330 ft) and more for human intruders while sophisticated signal processing reduces nuisance alarms caused by small animals or moving vegetation.
  • Passive operation enables single ended configuration, providing cheaper and simpler installation and alignment compared to systems requiring transmitter and receiver. This makes PIR detectors an ideal complement to CCTV systems including video motion detection.
Outdoor & Perimeter Detection
Deploy any combination of fence, buried cable, or digital microwave sensors on a single communications platform – to protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal sensor for that location.  Many of today’s security applications require easy to use, accurate and stable outdoor detectors for perimeter protection and volumetric area coverage.

The use of exterior motion detection techniques are employed in many facilities to help accentuate the effectiveness of video surveillance.
Fence Detection Systems
Next-generation fence-mounted sensors that detect cut or climb attempts and pinpoint intrusion attempts to within 3m / 10ft.

Buried Cable Detection Systems
Terrain-following volumetric sensors that locate intruders to within 3m / 10ft for applications where covert protection is essential.

Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems
Advanced security management systems that monitor, display and control a facility’s complete perimeter security program.

Microwave Sensors
Short or long range volumetric microwave links and transceivers for open areas, gates, entryways, rooftop and wall applications.

Relocatable Microwave Sensors
Rapid deployment microwave links and transceivers for the protection of VIPs, mobile assets or other temporary high security applications.

Infrared Sensors
Advanced, stand-alone high-performance sensors for short and medium range outdoor intrusion detection applications.

Dual Technology Sensors
Outdoor dual technology motion sensors offer the unique combination of Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared technology.

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